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“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”                                                                                                                                                                                                ~Brother Will Rogers, American Cowboy, Comedian, Humorist, Social Commentator & Actor


March 11th ~ Daylight Saving Time Begins ~ Remember to set your clocks forward one hour.


April 5th ~ Fort Scott Scottish Rite Stated Dinner/Meeting at the Armstrong Masonic Lodge, 3105 North Joplin Street, Pittsburg, Kansas.  Social Hour begins at 5:30 p.m., Dinner will be at 6:30 p.m. and the Meeting will start at approximately 7:00 p.m.  Reservations are required, so please RSVP by Wednesday, April 4th, 2018 at or by calling 620-223-1330.  If you are interested in carpooling from the Fort Scott area, please contact Ralph Reed at 620-224-1250.


Birthdays for the Week of March 11th.  Wishing the following members the best of birthdays and a year of health and happiness!  Happy Birthday Bill Boehme, John Chester, Gary Ecclefield, Jack Ensminger, Jerry Heiser, Jerry James, Keith Jeffers, Joseph Lytle, Bill Miller, Warren Purdum, Gary Twitchell, Dan Volk and Ben Willis.


May 4th & 5th ~ Spring Reunion for the Fort Scott Scottish Rite.  This is an outstanding time for our Valley and we are always looking for people interested in joining our organization.  Any man, who is already a Master Mason in good standing with his local Grand Lodge, may join.  When you attend your Lodge meetings, ask and encourage those attending to expand and enhance their Masonic career by becoming a 32nd degree Mason.  If you need a petition, have any questions or would like to make reservations for the reunion, please contact the Fort Scott Scottish Rite at 620-223-1330 or


Freemasons Endowment Charity Auction (Fulfilling Our Obligation Program) online portion opened on Friday, March 2nd.  Bidding is brisk but we need your help and participation.  There are some GREAT items to bid on whether you always wanted an antique Masonic pocket watch; tickets to KU, K-State or Wichita State sporting events; items for the kids; Shrine items including antique clown memorabilia; Masonic keepsake items; Eastern Star collectables and many unique and unusual items.  Click on the link now and register to bid today!  Don’t forget that 100% of the proceeds go to helping our Brothers, Widows and Orphans in their time of need!  Bid often and generously!


Membership Dues.  Dues may be paid by either mailing them to the Valley address (PO Box 789, Fort Scott, Kansas 66701) or online at the Supreme Council’s website (  Also, Life Members, it would be greatly appreciated if you would remit $25 to help cover your per capita.


Life Memberships Available.  The national rule for lifetime membership states a member in good standing in the Lodge of Perfection and whose dues are paid to date may purchase an Endowed Life Membership and hereby be relieved from further payment of dues, subject to provisions set forth.  Fees for the purchase of an Endowed Life Membership, effective February 18, 2016 shall be: 18 but less than 50 years of age is $2,500, 50 but less than 60 years of age is $1,875, 60 but less than 70 years of age is $1,250 and 70 years of age and above if $625.  If this interests you or you have questions, contact the Valley of Fort Scott Scottish Rite at 210-223-1330 or


Prayers Always Needed.  Please keep in your prayers all our Brothers who are ill, in hospitals or nursing homes.  If you know of a member who is confined to their home, sick or in declining health, please contact the Valley Office so we can send them our thoughts and prayers.


Rose Croix Funeral Service.  This service is available to all Scottish Rite Members on request by having a family member or the funeral home notify the Valley Office at 620-223-1330, Mike Carnes at 620-223-6008 or Ralph Reed at 620-224-3207.


2018 Valley of Fort Scott Officers

Tony W. French, 33° ~ Personal Representative & Executive Secretary

  1. Stephen Smith, 33° ~ Treasurer of the Bodies

Douglas E. Keller, 33° ~ Director of Work & Membership Chairman

John W. Bartelsmeyer, 33° ~ Almoner


Lodge of Perfection

Venerable Master ~ Thomas A. Jacks, 32°

Senior Warden ~ Garrett C. McHargue, 32°

Junior Warden ~ Brad A. Richards, 32°

Secretary/Treasurer ~ J. Stephen Smith, 33°


Chapter of Rose Croix

Wise Master ~ J. Stephen Smith, 33°

Senior Warden ~ Keith W. Carr, 33°

Junior Warden ~ L. Michael Carnes, 33°

Secretary ~ J. Stephen Smith, 33°


Council of Kadosh

Commander ~ Tony W. French, 33°

1st Lt. Commander ~ Douglas E. Keller, 33°

2nd Lt. Commander ~ Cole F. Wittum, 32°, K:.C:.C:.H:.

Secretary ~ Todd N. Allison, 32°, K:.C:.C:.H:.



Master of Kadosh ~ L. Michael Carnes, 33°

Prior ~ Ralph L. Reed, 32°, K:.C:.C:.H:.

Preceptor ~ Douglas E. Keller, 33°

Chancellor ~ Cole F. Wittum, 32°, K:.C:.C:.H:.

Secretary ~ Todd N. Allison, 32°, K:.C:.C:.H:.


Board Members

Todd N. Allison, 32°, K:.C:.C:.H:.

John W. Bartelsmeyer, 33°

  1. Michael Carnes, 33°

Douglas E. Keller, 33°


Charitable Trust Board

Todd N. Allison, 32°, K:.C:.C:.H:.

  1. Michael Carnes, 33°
  2. F. Edmonds, 33°

Donald N. LaPanne, 33°

Cole F. Wittum, 32°, K:.C:.C:.H:.


Finance Committee

John W. Bartelsmeyer, 33°

  1. Michael Carnes, 33°

Lawrence M. Cripps, 33°

Gary L. Jones, 32°, K:.C:.C:.H:.

Ralph L. Reed, 32°, K:.C:.C:.H:.

  1. Stephen Smith, 33°


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